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Hi, I just have a question (along with my story, of course)...

Well, I've lived in my current house since I was 5, and I've always experienced what I guess you could call a "playmate". I don't know. Whenever I'm alone, I can't do anything without turning around and looking over my shoulder. If I'm alone in the house, and decide to take a shower, I always leave the bathroom door open and the shower curtain opened partly, because I always see things and hear things. Like just yesterday, I was taking a shower, and then I heard something knock over. I looked out of the shower and saw some of my lotion and clothes had been knocked over. Also, sometimes I see a figure of a girl, about my age I'd guess, either kneeling or standing by my bed. She's sometimes at the door, but she's there in my room everynight (or maybe it's a boy with long hair, I don't know). Sometimes he/she scratches at my door, or sometimes I feel my sheets start to be pulled higher up or being pulled down. That's usually when I wake up to see it. Also, everytime I walk through my hallway to put something up in the kitchen, I always have to run through. Sometimes I feel like something is lightly pushing my shoulders if I just walk, so I always run so I don't feel it, no matter if it's day or night. At night, whenever I run through and turn around, I can see a shape behind me running along too.

I also think something else may be in my mother's room. For some reason, I get paranoid when the closet door is open. I always feel like something's looking at me through the open door. Sometimes when I'm alone in the house, I'll take a nap in my mother's room (she has the mostcomfy bed, haha) and I always close the door, and when I wake up, it's open again, without anyone coming home.

Anyways, my question is, is the spirit rude or just playful? :x
I've been experiencing this since I moved here 10 years ago, and I want to know what's going on.
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