sarah_good (sarah_good) wrote in ghosts_are_real,

I hope this doesn't count as a ghost story.

I've always believed in ghosts, but I never really had any experinaces with them, until recently (like the past few years).

I believe I have one that resides in my basement.
It likes to mess around with the laundry.

I have put my laundry on before, and come down an hour later and found the lid to my washer, open, full of water. And before you say it, YES i do remember putting the lid down, and watching the washer do it's work.

Then, just this morning, I went downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer, and I had found 3 pairs of pants, plus a hoodie, that I had HUNG UP on the clothes horse, and found it in the dryer.
I asked everyone who lives in my house and they all said they never touched it.

I'm seriously getting a little freaked because I don't know if it's trying to contact me, or what.
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